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About us

IOT Solution Limited is a company supported by the Hong Kong Cyberport. We provide one-stop solutions of STEAM education for schools. In 2018, we also opened a 13,000-square-feet STEAM VR experience center in San Tin (Hong Kong) for students to experience the latest technology. 


In order to popularize STEAM Education and let students learn step by step, we launched “A.I. Formula Coding” competition such that students get familiar with the concept of autonomous driving and learn artificial intelligence. We also showcase the skills-related learning outcomes through the competition.


Through the promotion of STEM education, we aim to nurture talents for the society.

To achieve our mission, we are committed to developing the following projects:

Saving The Mask campaign
Intuitive solution of reusable mask


Saving the mask campaign is a member of Cyberport “Braving The Epidemic”.


To deal with the impact to all segments of the population due to COVID-19 outbreak, IOT Solution Limited started Saving The Mask project. We developed STEM Mask – The MASKSAVER.


In order to reserve surgical masks to medical professionals, The MASKSAVER is produced for general population use . It can solve the huge demand of face mask and environmental problem caused by disposable mask.

The shell is made of odorless non-toxic food safe plastic. Its reusable and recyclable features reduce the environmental impact due to disposable mask.


Teaching Supports

AR learning platform - Chinese History

It unifies and displays historical figures, events and cultural history from the Qin Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. The purpose is to enhance students' motivation and learning efficacy in Chinese History through the application of science and technology. We are developing another AR learning platform in General Studies for Primary Schools.

STEAM VR Experience Center

Suitable for: Life-wide learning, STEM education experience, designed for out-of-school teaching needs, such as workshop which crossover historical tour and 360 degree video production. Also, a new service of on-site courses are provided.

STEM Competition - AI Formula Coding 

A large-scale academic event that integrates and apply knowledge and skills across different STEM disciplines. The competitions not only inspire students' interest in programming and STEM through competitions, but also promote smart society. 

VR Robotic Challenge

By constructing robots to participate in this competition, students' creativity and problem-solving skills are promoted, and thus inspires their interest in electronic engineering. 

Blue Skies

Our Centers

The "STEAM VR Experience Center" is a large-scale center which implements innovative technology in response to STEAM education in primary and secondary schools. It is now combining the latest technology products from worldwide. The first phase covers an area of ​​7,000 feet and has various STEAM experience facilities. Also, a new service of on-site courses are provided.